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Weight Loss Products Diet Pills, Slimming Pills and Tablets since 2001

Slimming Solutions is an award winning, UK weight loss company. We offer a huge range of best selling weight loss products, diet pills and slimming patches.

Slimming Solutions - the best slimming products at super prices.

Many of our weight loss products have received excellent reviews in national newspapers and have also been featured on TV shows. We've built up an excellent reputation since we came online in 2001 and obtain more than 85% of our custom from repeat orders and recommendations.

For Weight Loss, Slimming and Diets

We sell our slimming products and supplements to men and women in the UK and Worldwide and we manufacture lots of our own products, ensuring only the best quality, powerful ingredients, whilst being able to keep our prices low. Our team prides itself on excellent customer service, quick order turnaround and 7 different fast delivery options. Our 2014 service audit shows over 99.8% of all orders were dispatched within 24 hours of download, returns are easy too.



New Products

  1. Teatox by Slimming Solutions

    Teatox by Slimming Solutions

    RRP: £29.99
    Save: 33%

    MAY PROMOTION - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Our Teatox (detoxing with tea) is designed to work in harmony with your body to help get rid of unwanted toxins, resulting in a full body detoxing effect.

  2. Teatox Plus

    Teatox Plus

    RRP: £99.89
    Save: 50%
    Three of our best selling and most popular weight loss products in one ultimate bulge busting bundle with 50% off!

  3. Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast

    Boot Camp Body T6 Thermoblast

    RRP: £39.95
    Save: 50%
    The Boot Camp Body Capsules are back with a new name, new packaging and new formula! They contain a combination of various powerful fat burners, putting this supercharged formula in a league of its own. Buy from as little as £11.66 per tub.

  4. Spanx New & Slimproved Higher Power

    Spanx New & Slimproved Higher Power

    Thanks to new slimming expertise, advances in technology and updated hosiery innovation we now have the New & Slimproved Higher Power! Designed to shape and slim your tummy, thighs and rear, this shaping bodysuit will give you the best-ever results!

Best Sellers

Slim Bomb
RRP: £49.95
Save: 20%
Feiyan Tea
RRP: £19.95
Save: 25%
Boot Camp Body Wrap
RRP: £49.95
Save: 20%
Pu-erh Tea
RRP: £19.95
Save: 25%
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Winner - Retail Business Of The Year

Weight Loss Success Stories
  • LesleyLesley
    “This is our amazing customer, Lesley. "I was very slim throughout my childhood” said Lesley, “but as the years went on, so did the weight. A friend told me about Diet Patches from SlimmingSolutions.com would work b” ... more
  • TinaTina
    “This is Tina Sadiq from Stockton on Tees. Tina's good friend Paula had just lost 28lb's using Slim Bomb. Tina was so impressed with her friend's weight loss success that she decided to give Slim Bomb a try. Her starting weight was 12st (168lb). 8 m” ... more
  • EmmaEmma
    “This is the beautiful Emma from Cambridge. Emma went from over 15 stones to 12 stones in just 12 weeks. She says "I purchased 2 pots of Thermatrim and have lost just over 2 stones in the 12 week period that I have been taking them... I think The” ... more
  • SharonSharon
    “This is our amazing customer Sharon. Sharon achieved fantastic weight loss success and dropped from a size 18 to a dress size 10 in just 6 months using Slim Bomb. Try Slim Bomb for Yourself.” ... more
  • SarahSarah
    ““I’ve tried the Esbelt Waist Training Corset myself and WOW, the results truly are amazing, I was so surprised that I lost 2.5 inches from my waist!”” ... more
  • JoyceJoyce
    “I am very happy with my results from the Teatox, thank you Slimming Solutions. I found the taste very pleasant and I can't believe how much my tummy has shrunk. I have lost 5lbs and 4 inches.” ... more