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body wraps

Body Wraps

It's easy to drop a dress size in 60 minutes with our full range of body wraps.

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  1. Boot Camp Body Wrap
    RRP: £49.95
    Save: 20%
    As seen in The Mail on Sunday, a fast and convenient way to lose inches and shape your figure in as little as 60 minutes. Get Slim Bomb half price here too! Learn More

  2. Boot Camp Body Accessories

    In need of more clay, spare bandages or a tape measure for your body wrap? Or what about a shaker bottle to mix up your diet shake? Check out our Boot Camp Body accessories where you can buy just what you need! Learn More

  3. Wrap Factor De Luxe For Women
    RRP: £49.95
    Save: 20%
    Wrap Factor Body Wrap for women is an effective body wrap treatment which is a great way to lose inches, reduce cellulite and more. Learn More

  4. Mens Body Wrap
    RRP: £49.95
    Save: 20%
    Designed for men, Wrap Factor draws out the toxins and impurities that live in and around your fat cells, while the bandages gently compress and sculpt your body shape, resulting in effective inch loss. Learn More

  5. His & Her's Body Wrap Kit
    RRP: £79.90
    Save: 10%
    Pamper yourselves at home with this His and Her's Body Wrap Kit. Its never been easier to lose inches, firm, detox and tone your body leaving you feeling refreshed, invigorated and purified. Learn More

  6. Maple Syrup Diet plus Body Wrap
    RRP: £82.94
    Save: 10%
    The Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, used in the lemon detox is a blend of maple and palm tree syrups designed to provide a balance of minerals and trace elements. Our Boot Camp Body Wrap Kit is just the thing for a relaxing pampering session at home. Learn More

  7. Boot Camp Body Control
    RRP: £74.90
    Save: 25%
    Take control of your weight management with our delicious shake, while our wrap offers a 1hr inch loss for those times when you need a more instant boost. Learn More

  8. Boot Camp Body Smooth
    RRP: £59.90
    Save: 25%
    With the 1hr inch loss our wrap offers together with the 'freeze & crackle' effect of our cellufreeze mousse you will be left with a smooth feeling you'd been wishing for. Learn More

  9. Body Wrap and Diet Patch Combo
    RRP: £64.90
    Save: 8%

    Tackle your body's imperfections and order the Body Wrap and Diet Patch Combo at Slimming Solutions now!

    Learn More

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