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Detox Diets

Overindulging can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. At Slimming Solutions, our detox diet products will have you feeling yourself in no time!

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  1. Slim Bomb Detox Tablet
    RRP: £29.95
    Save: 33%

    Overindulging can leave us feeling lethargic and sluggish. Tackle the problem head on with Slim Bomb Detox Tablets,  available online at Slimming Solutions.

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  2. Lemon Detox Diet Maple Syrup Diet
    RRP: £44.99
    Save: 4%
    £42.99 As low as: £27.99

    At Slimming Solutions, you can stock up on everything you need for the Lemon Detox and Maple Syrup Diet. Order now!

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  3. Teatox by Slimming Solutions
    RRP: £39.99
    Save: 13%

    Meet the newest addition to the Slimming Solutions detox family: Teatox.  Order yours today. July promotion - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

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  4. Lemon Detox Full Hamper
    RRP: £90.84
    Save: 12%
    The lemon detox diet is now sold in 33 countries. We now sell the complete kit including lemons, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, the book and tea. Save £10.94 on rrp. Get Slim Bomb half price here too! Learn More

  5. Destination Detox
    RRP: £77.93
    Save: 27%
    If you're feeling sluggish, tired and finding it increasingly hard to lose weight, our destination detox pack is designed to detox your full body and banish those deadly toxins! Learn More

  6. Lemon Detox Diet Rejuvenation Sensation
    RRP: £6.99
    Save: 14%

    The Lemon Detox Diet Rejuvenation Sensation book by Dr K A Beyer is ideal for finding out more about the celebrity favourite Lemon Detox Diet. Order yours online at Slimming Solutions now.

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  7. Teatox Plus
    RRP: £99.89
    Save: 50%
    Three of our best selling and most popular weight loss products in one ultimate bulge busting bundle with 50% off! Learn More

  8. Maple Syrup Diet plus Slimming Patches
    RRP: £67.94
    Save: 12%
    The Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, used in the lemon detox is a blend of maple and palm tree syrups designed to provide a balance of minerals and trace elements. Diet patches, great if you dont like popping pills but are still wanting generous weekly weight loss. Learn More

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