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close up teasSlimming & Weight Loss Teas

Burn fat, speed up your metabolism and lose weight with our quality slimming & weight loss teas.

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  1. Pu-erh Tea
    RRP: £19.95
    Save: 25%
    One of our best selling weight loss teas in our range which you can buy from as little as £6.66 per box. Pu-erh slimming tea is known to increase metabolism and help reduce your cholesterol. It has an amazing reputation for aiding weight loss, improving skin and helping women and men beat the bloat. 3 for 2 offer available. Learn More

  2. Oolong Tea
    RRP: £19.95
    Save: 25%
    Buy this hugely popular Oolong Tea by Boot Camp Body from as little as £6.66 per box.  Oolong, (also known as Wulong) increases the body's fat burning ability. Weight loss benefits are huge and Oolong is more effective for boosting the metabolism than Green Tea alone. 3 for 2 offer also available. Learn More

  3. Feiyan Tea
    RRP: £19.95
    Save: 25%

    Buy Feiyan from only £6.66 per box. Feiyan tea is a natural herbal tea used to suppress appetite, detoxify, cleanse and aid weight loss. Feiyan slimming tea is a herbal weight loss product and can be used in a daily diet.  3 for 2 offer also available.

    Learn More

  4. Acai Berry Tea
    RRP: £19.95
    Save: 25%
    Tea with 100% natural Acai Berry from as little as £6.66 per box. Order Slim Bomb with £10 off here too. Learn More

  5. Teatox by Slimming Solutions
    RRP: £29.99
    Save: 33%
    Our Teatox (detoxing with tea) is designed to work in harmony with your body to help get rid of unwanted toxins, resulting in a full body detoxing effect. Learn More

  6. Teatox Plus
    RRP: £99.89
    Save: 50%
    Three of our best selling and most popular weight loss products in one ultimate bulge busting bundle with 50% off! Learn More

  7. Slimmer's Tea Packs
    RRP: £89.70
    Save: 55%
    A selection of our 3 best selling teas that can help your weight loss goals. Learn More

  8. Shape Up Bundle
    RRP: £69.85
    Save: 25%
    Feeling lifeless and out of shape? Push your body back into shape with this weight loss boosting shape-up bundle. Learn More

  9. Boot Camp Body Active
    RRP: £39.90
    Save: 25%
    Replacing your everyday cuppa with Boot Camp Oolong tea helps speed metabolism whilst applying our patch is a simple way to control appetite without the need to change your daily routine. Learn More

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