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Everyone has flaws — fact. However, not all of us are happy with our imperfections. That's why Slimming Solutions offers a fantastic range of body improvement products.

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  1. Up a Cup Breast Enlargement Pills
    RRP: £44.95
    Save: 11%

    The Up A Cup formula contains the most powerful breast growth botanicals available, prepared and designed by herbalists and nutritionists. In a recent survey, over 84% of the women who have tried Up A Cup achieved positive results in as little as 30 days.

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  2. Vein-Ex Roll On
    RRP: £11.95
    Save: 25%
    Varicose veins are swollen and enlarged veins that are close to the surface of the skin. Why not banish those unsightly veins with Vein-Ex Roll? Learn More

  3. Vein Vanish - Varicose Vein Cream
    RRP: £20.00
    Save: 13%
    Diminish spider veins with our Doctor-formulated Vein Vanish creams. Approved by Dermatologists, Vein Vanish allows men and women to diminish the appearance of ugly thread veins and broken capillaries within as little as 30 days. Learn More

  4. Stretch Mark Erase
    RRP: £20.00
    Save: 13%
    Silvery stretchmarks appear when skin has been stretched and damaged, it can be unattractive and embarrassing. Our anti-stretchmark cream improves the elasticity of skin and strengthens skin to prevent further scarring. Learn More

  5. Boot Camp Body Cellufreeze
    RRP: £29.95
    Save: 33%
    This shaping anti-cellulite mousse features a unique crackling action that works rapidly to target problem areas and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and toned. Learn More

  6. Boot Camp Body Smooth
    RRP: £59.90
    Save: 25%
    With the 1hr inch loss our wrap offers together with the 'freeze & crackle' effect of our cellufreeze mousse you will be left with a smooth feeling you'd been wishing for. Learn More

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