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Boot Camp Body Range: Vegetarians, Loose Skin - Inches To Lose and Sensitive To Caffeine

Are you sensitive to caffeine? Here at Slimming Solutions we have a wide range of products that don’t contain caffeine but still give you that boost you need.

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  1. wu-long tea
    Wu Long Tea by Boot Camp Body
    Wu Long Tea by Boot Camp Body 10 0 5 5


    Discover the fat burning power of Wu Long tea from as little as £5.00 per pouch. Flush fat from your system, thrust your metabolism into overdrive and weaken the effects of carbs with ease. 3 for 2 offer also available.

    Learn More

  2. boot camp body control
    Boot Camp Body Control
    Boot Camp Body Control 1 0 5 5
    RRP: £74.99
    Save: 24%
    Take control of your weight management with our delicious shake, while our wrap offers a one hour inch loss for those times when you need a more instant boost. Learn More

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