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Privacy statement

Our Privacy Policy outlines how and why we (Slimming Solutions Ltd.) manage, store and request the information about yourself (the user) and your devices both manually and electronically as well as the methods used (where applicable). 
This Privacy Policy also outlines what access and interaction any 3rd parties have to your data via our site, be that stored or transmitted. 
The acceptance of our Terms and Conditions implies an acceptance of our Privacy Policy; if you do not accept any part of our policy then please do not continue to use our website until such time you agree. 
The term 'data' is defined as facts and statistics without context. For example: 09121998 
The term 'information' is defined as data with context. For example: Date of Birth: 09/12/1988

  1. Cookies

    Like 95% of the entire worldwide web, our website utilises Cookies. These are small text files that your device's web browser stores on your computer which we have control over (we can add/remove information in them). These cookies are used for your convenience, it stores information such as your shopping cart, store preferences, login information etc. and without them, the store could work unexpectedly.

    Our cookies are set to reside on your device for different time spans depending on the information they store, this ranges from when you close your devices browser and up to 1 year.

  2. What do we collect?

    We collect a range of information/data for several reasons which is outlined below.

    We collect but not limit to:

    • Your Name
    • Your Date of Birth (Optional)
    • Your Telephone Number
    • Your Email Address (Optional)
    • Your Address
    • A Password (Optional)
    • Your Device Information (Optional)
    • Your Internet Protocol (IP) Address (Optional)

    Optional data is dependent on a number of factors, such as the difference between internet and telephone ordering, device configuration, your choice in completing optional data fields and if you become a member of our site or just a 'guest'.

  3. How we use your information

    The data that we collect from you is utilised in several ways including but not limited to:

    • Direct Marketing
    • Market Research
    • Demographic Research
    • Order Fulfilment
  4. How we store your information

    The data we have received from you (typically as a customer) is stored in our online ordering system, this allows us to fulfil your order and track the progress and number of days it has taken to fulfil.

    Passwords are stored in our database along with your name and email address; passwords are stored in a salted encrypted state. We suggest using different passwords for other sites and services to maximise the security of your accounts. Any backups of data stored on our server are encrypted.

    When we fulfil orders, your details are then printed onto an invoice and packing slip which is used to form your postage label and also as a paper/manual backup of your order; this is stored in our secure office for at least 90 days and is then securely destroyed.

    No debit/credit card, bank or payment details of any sort are stored by us in electronic or paper form.

  5. Third Parties

    We do not sell or lease your personal data/information to third parties unless we are required to do so by law. We distribute a limited amount of data only to third parties as defined below.

    1. 5.1. Google

      We utilise both Google Analytics and Google Adwords to track and monitor users on our site. All data available to Google is anonymised, this is there is no personally identifiable information given. The data collected includes:

      • Device Information
      • Device Internet Protocol (IP) Address
      • Pages Visited
      • Duration of Visit
      • Referring Website
      • Order Total
      • Products Ordered

      This data allows us to monitor what products and pages are popular and better tailor user experience around the data.

      There is NO PERSONAL data sent, stored or given to Google.

    2. 5.2. Affiliate Scheme

      We run an affiliate scheme. If you were referred to us via one of our affiliates then you will be tracked. The tracking includes reporting back to the affiliate the following:

      • Successful Order/Transaction
      • Order/Transaction Total
      • Referring Website

      This data allows us to correctly identify our affiliate referrers.

      There is NO PERSONAL data sent, stored or given to Affiliates.

    3. 5.3. Cart Recovery Affiliate

      Our Cart Recovery Affiliate monitors our checkout process for abandonment and then asks failed customers if they require help with the process etc. The affiliate securely collects the following information:

      • Your Name
      • Your Email Address

      The affiliate does not knowingly store any information of under 18's. They only store the information for 90 days and are securely transmitted over HTTPS.

      Some personal data is securely sent to our Cart Recovery Affiliate and is stored for 90 days.

    4. 5.4. SagePay

      To make sure that all payments are processed correctly and securely, we make use of a payment gateway for internet and telephone orders, this means that we (Slimming Solutions Ltd.) do NOT STORE payment details such as credit and debit card numbers. Our Payment processing gateway is SagePay.

      SagePay securely collect the following details:

      • Your Name
      • Your Address
      • Your Email Address
      • Your Payment/Bank Details
      • Any Payment/Bank Security Procedures

      SagePay are PCI DSS Secure and has direct contact with most banks worldwide.

      Sensitive and Personal data is securely sent to SagePay directly by you and NOT via our site or servers.

    5. 5.5. Couriers

      So we can get your order delivered we have to share some of your details with our couriers, we only supply the information necessary and only to the courier for the delivery method requested. Our couriers can change from time to time depending on availability and delivery destinations.

      Information supplied to couriers includes:

      • Your Name
      • Your Address
      • Your Email Address
      • You Telephone Number

      Some personal data is securely sent to our couriers and only retained by them for as long as necessary.

    6. 5.6. Links

      Our website may contain links to relevant third party websites; however we cannot guarantee the content on these websites. You visit any third party website at your own risk and we cannot be responsible for your privacy, the content accessible on such sites, they are also not governed by our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

  6. PCI DSS

    We are PCI DSS Compliant and can be validated with TrustWave.

    Our payment provider and our data centre are also PCI-DSS Compliant.

  7. Your Rights and Control

    Your rights are not affected by anything outlined in this privacy policy.

    We conform to the Data Protection Act (1998), the EC Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC).

    You can control/restrict the collection or use of your data in the following ways:

    If you have previously agreed to disclose information to ourselves for direct marketing purposes, you may change your mind and unsubscribe at any time. You can do this by writing to us, emailing us or using the unsubscribe link contained in the marketing emails.

    Under legislation defined in the Data Protection Act (1998) you may request a copy of all information that we hold on you that is older than 90 days. This request for personal information only and will require some form of identification, there may be an administrative charge applied per request made. Please post or email us for us to start the process to fulfil your request.

    If you believe any data we hold on you is incorrect then please contact us any corrections and we will update your details as necessary.

  8. About Us

    Full Name Slimming Solutions Ltd.
    Company No. 04235667
    VAT No. 747227911
    Address 1 Jupiter Court,
    Orion Business Park,
    North Shields,
    Tyne and Wear,
    NE29 7SE
    United Kingdom
    Tel. Number 0845 874 0200