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slimbomb with detox tablet

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Slimbomb Twinpack with Detox Tablet

Slimbomb Twinpack with Detox Tablet
Slimbomb Twinpack with Detox Tablet 14 0 5 5

RRP: £99.97
Save: 30%
  • Popular with Dieters
  • Save £9.99 with this super value pack
  • Easy to swallow capsules
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  • super value

Extremely popular with dieters and those with a big social event coming up, our Slim Bomb twin pack comes with detox tablets!  Order yours at Slimming Solutions today!

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RRP: £99.97
Save: 30%

Slim Bomb Twin Pack with Detox Tablets

Get a great deal on your next Slim Bomb purchase with our super saving twinpack.
This Slim Bomb duo are perfect for kick starting your weight loss campaign.
We will package your order discreetly and dispatch it within 24 hours. Buy yours now!
This pack contains

Slim Bomb 4 week supply x 2
Slim Bomb is a specialist weight management supplement. The exclusive formula contains a highly concentrated blend of weight control ingredients that work together to help you control your appetite and boost your metabolism which helps you manage your weight effectively.
Detox Tablets 60 capsules x 1

The Slim Bomb Detox is designed specifically for a deep cellular & digestive cleanse of the colon, liver and intestines which will not only help you shed additional pounds but also cleanse your system internally.


Slim Bomb and Detox Tablet Combo Pack Directions...

Slim Bomb Directions For Use:  Simply take 2 capsules at around 10am and 2 capsules at around 3.00pm.
Detox Tablet Directions For Use:  You simply take 2 capsules daily. 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule before bed.

Slim Bomb Ingredients

Vitamin B12 (as Cyabocobalamin), Chromium (as Chromium Polynicotinate),  Guarana seed extract (22% caffeine - 50mg),  Cayenne pepper,  Citrus aurantium (immature fruit), Other ingredients: rice flour, magnesium stearate, silica (capsule).

Slim Bomb Detox Ingredients

Cranberry extract (36:1) 55.55mg providing 2000mg, Aloe Vera (200:1) 5mg providing 1000mg, Psyllium husk 150mg, Calcium carbonate (36%) calcium 100mg providing 36mg, Inulin 50mg, Anise seed PE (10:1) 5mg providing 50mg , Fennel PE (10:1) 5mg providing 50mg, Rhubarb root PE (10:1) 5mg providing 50mg, Liquorice root extract (10:1) 5mg providing 50mg, Sea buckthorn PE WS (10:1) 5mg providing 50mg, Konjac fibre powder (Glucomannan 90%) 25mg, Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 20mg, Gentian root powder (4:1) 5mg providing 20mg, Lactobacillus acidophilus 150 billion/g 5mg, Micocrystalline cellulose, Magnesium stearate, gelatine capsule, Silica.


Check out our "Additional Information" tab for FAQ's.

Extremely popular with dieters and those with a big social event coming up, our Slim Bomb twin pack comes with detox tablets!  Order yours at Slimming Solutions today!

Slim Bomb FAQ

Do customers get good results by using Slim Bomb?

Yes, anything from one to 9lbs per week.  Most report back that they are not hungry and a small amount of food will make them feel full.

How does it work?

The combination of natural herb supplements work together to activate thermogenesis in your body, causing your appetite to be suppressed.  Your metabolic rate increases so you burn off more calories resulting in weight loss.

What is Thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis quite simply means the creation of heat in your body.  Calories are our bodys heat fuel, so thermogenesis is heat produced from burning calories.


Metabolism is the bodys process of turning the calories we consume into energy.  The time this process takes is called the metabolic rate. so your metabolism is the rate your body burns calories for fuel and breaks down body fat.  We all have different metabolic rates.  Some people have faster or slower metabolisms than others.  As we age our metabolic rate declines and therefore our ability to burn fat drops, which is why as we get older (25 years plus) we put on weight easier.  Slim Bomb can kick-start your metabolic rate, re-setting it to a more youthful active metabolism.

What's in Slim Bomb and are there any side effects?

Vitamin B12 (as Cyabocobalamin)
Chromium (as Chromium Polynicotinate)
Guarana seed extract (22% caffiene - 50mg)
Cayenne pepper
Citrus aurantium (immature fruit)
Other ingredients: rice flour, magnesium stearate, silica (capsule)

A minority of VERY sensitive people may experience nausea.  If this happens, reduce the dosage or discontinue use.  If you are sensitive begin with a low dosage.  If you have any questions about the suitability of taking this product, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or herbalist before use.  Not intended for pregnant or nursing women, adolescents or individuals on restricted diets.  We suggest seeking medical advice prior to taking this product if you are taking any prescription drug or other medication.

How much weight can I expect to lose and will it stay off?

The average bottle containing a 6 week course has been giving an average weight loss of 14 lbs,  loss varies person to person depending on how much weight you need to lose. The weight should stay off if you continue to eat sensibly.

How long can I take it for?

Take the course as recommended on the bottle, 2 capsules at around 10am and 2 capsules at around 3.00pm. You can repeat the course until you reach your target weight.  Once you have reached your target weight you can stop taking Slim Bomb, but should carry on eating sensibly.

Can men take Slim Bomb too?

Definitely!  We currently sell our products to around 80% female and 20% male customers.  These days men are just as worried about their appearance and health as women are.

What if my sleep is disturbed?

A minority of people may experience disturbed sleep even though they are taking the product at the recommended times of 10.00am and 3.00pm.  To prevent this, either take the capsules earlier in the day or reduce the amount taken at 3.00pm.  If this does not help, it may be better to cut the 2nd dose out completely.

Do I have to diet?

There are no special diets or exercise regimes to follow.  You will find that you do not want to eat as much because your appetite is suppressed.  You will be satisfied with smaller portions of food, plus, the extra energy Slim Bomb provides will help you stay active during the day, thus burning off even more calories!

Our unique Slim Bomb formula is a closely guarded secret.

Scientific research has found a new modern way to lose weight.  Backed with evidence through studies on obesity, researchers have shown how Slim Bomb can be used to successfully shed unwanted pounds.  Recent studies carried out on obesity have found that natural ingredients are most effective at burning fat. 

Consuming Slim Bomb increases the body’s calorie expenditure, therefore, this means that the body uses the calories for energy or heat production rather than storing them as fat.

Finally, to increase results large amounts of water should be consumed throughout the day, which is good because Slim Bombs tend to make you thirsty.

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Customer Reviews

*Results may differ from person to person.
Review by Jill Gamble (Posted on 02/02/2016)
This was my first time using any of the Slimming So,unions products. I was referred by my hairstylist who have been using their products for some time now.
I really like how the Slim Bomb keeps my stomach in check. Love taking this on my juicing diet, not harsh in the stomach at all even just on liquid. *
Review by Ric Kilingsworth (Posted on 02/02/2016)
I have been using this for a few weeks and have noticed a considerable difference in the way my pants are fitting around the waist. As a man I can easily say that results are possible with the Slim Bomb capsules. It's a for sure try for men looking to lose a few inches around the waist.*
Review by Anna Caulder (Posted on 02/02/2016)
Recently had the pleasure of trying this Slim Bomb for 4 weeks. It was the perfect solution to my weight loss needs. I actually did the detox that came with it free first to cleanse my system for optimal weight loss. It was a good detox with little effort. Will be using this for a long time to come.*
Review by Cate Reid (Posted on 30/01/2016)
Why have I not started using this sooner! I purchased my order and let it sit there for almost 2 weeks before getting into it. Well now I wish I would have started this as soon as I received it, which by the way the shipping was really fast and arrived right to my front door.
I have been using the Actislim Platinum for four weeks now and lost 2 whole waist sizes. Stick to a good strategy keep up with taking the product and your daily workouts. The sky is the limit with this. *
Review by Heidi Becks (Posted on 30/01/2016)
I have been using this product for a week and a half now. Two noticeable results for me is the difference in my sleep and the amount of energy I have now. I have heard from a friend that this tends to come before the weight loss is experienced.
I find the capsules are easy to swallow. I am only on day 1 of the detox that comes with the Slim Bomb and it is most certainly working in a big way.*
Review by Jackie Rollins (Posted on 28/01/2016)
I love the free detox tablet that the slim bomb came with. I have been ordering the slim bomb for months and months. My results keep getting better. The detox really cleans out the garbage that is built up in your body. This is a must have solution. *
Review by Connie (Posted on 28/01/2016)
Night and day. I was sleeping all the time, had no energy and always seemed to have a bloated belly. Thanks to a good old Google search I discovered the Slimming Solutions website. This is helping me to get my diet back on track as well as it makes me feel better when doing this with theSlim Bomb tablets.*
Review by Kristi Rencour (Posted on 23/01/2016)
Double the results. Free products always make a girl happy. *
Review by Tiffany Renolds (Posted on 23/01/2016)
The Slimming Solutions website gives very accurate details on each of their products. Its a very useful product that everyone can use. Extra bonus that you get a free bottle of detox which I have actually used in the past with extremely successful results. *
Review by Lauren Kanthol (Posted on 21/01/2016)
Slim Bomb is an awesome product! Still on my first bottle and looking forward to starting my second as I am already down 14lbs without little to no exercise. Highly recommend to others.*
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