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Slimming Underwear: Hello! Skinny Jeans

Cut, sewn and washed in Los Angeles, Hello! Skinny Jeans are the original skinny jeans – the jeans that make your look thinner. Made from denim with a high nylon/elastane content exclusive to Skinny Jeans, these jeans suck everything in and never sag, bag or grow by the end of the day.

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  1. white jeans
    WhiteOut Skinny Jeans
    WhiteOut Skinny Jeans 1 0 5 5
    RRP: £140.00
    Save: 75%
    Now with 75% off! This is the perfect white jean with ultra-strength pure white stretch denim that makes everyone’s legs look slimmer and longer. Face your fear of white jeans now! Learn More

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